Frequently Asked Questions About Epilators


FAQ about EpilatorsThe best epilators will safely remove unwanted body hair, and leave your skin silky smooth for days. Epilators won’t leave embarrassing nicks and cuts, and can be used almost anywhere you have unwanted body hair. While there are several advantages to using a home epilator, and this hair removal system is gaining in popularity, there are still several questions consumers frequently ask.

Common Questions About Using An Epilator

Here are a few of the most common questions consumer ask about using an epilator.

Why does my hair grow back?
When you use an epilator you are only removing the hair at the base of the root. The actual root is still there, but it takes significantly longer for the hair to grow back.

Will hair grow back thicker?
Contrary to some public opinion, your hair will not grow back thicker after using an epilator. Studies have actually shown that returning hair growth is thinner with repeated use.

Will hair be darker when it grows back?
While your hair will grow back the same color, it may appear darker since it is its natural color. This means that it hasn’t been lighten by the sun, or assorted beauty products.

Is there a “best” time to epilate?
Many beauty experts recommend epilating in the evening, since you will have all night for any redness or irritation to disappear. Waking up with silky smooth legs is always an advantage, plus many women state that they feel more relaxed at night which can make it easier and less painful to use an epilator.

How do I get ready to epilate?
According to the best epilator reviews the most important thing you need to do before epilating is to use an exfoliating scrub. Exfoliating not only helps to soften and lift the individual hairs, it also removes dead cell skin cells that can clog your pores. Not only will your skin look healthier, you also reduce your chances of developing painful ingrown hairs due to clogged pores.

How do I deal with “problem” hairs?
If you are constantly dealing with short, broken hairs, or if your epilator frequently leaves flatter lying ones behind you might want to consider a different model. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to use an epilator with tweezers. When this is combined with exfoliating your skin before hand, you shouldn’t have to worry about leaving “problem” hairs behind.

Can I avoid ingrown hairs?
Ingrown hairs are painful, and can be a problem for anyone who regularly shaves. It is caused by the hair growing back down towards the follicle, and often becomes painfully infected. One of the best ways to prevent this is to exfoliate every time before you use your epilator, to keep pores clear so the hair can continue to grow away from the follicle.

Is using an epilator painful?
There is some discomfort involved with using an epilator and it varies between different consumers, along with different models. While all users of an epilator don’t agree on the level of discomfort, they do agree that it is less painful than waxing.


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